Four out of four paws recommend it….



For a former stray, my cat is a bit fussy. Though cat’s are all the same, once they settle in and stretch out they all become a bit demanding. From a shy, nervy cat to “I want that side of the sofa” and “I want to go out NOW!” the list of demands seem to have increased with time.

Being a food lover myself I can’t really disagree with the latest demand; better food. So just as well then that yesterday I paid a visit to Bristol’s ‘Better Food Company‘ and bought a new brand of cat food.

I have written before on the ethics of petfood and I also find it shocking to read the ingredients list on most commercial brands of cat food. So I’m always on the quest for something better to feed my cat.

So up for the taste test… Yarrah Organic ‘Paté Chicken with Spirulina & Seaweed Cat Food’.


My verdict (lets fact it not that mine really counts ;-))

  • Good ingredients with high meat content, which is 100% organic
  • Good ethics
  • Not as smelly as other cat foods.

The all important verdict and taste test by  ‘his nibsOrganic Cati

  • Yum, yum, scoff, scoff scoff
  • Lick the bowl clean (he never normally does that, usually leaving bits to fester)
  • Ask for more
  • Purr, sleep.

So there you have it, a resounding success. A four out of four paw rating from human and cat.

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