Vegan Marshmallow’s, the search is over!


Marshmallow 2 For a while now I’ve been on the look for gelatin free marshmallows. Whilst I’m not a Vegan I avoid gelatin because, like many other non-organic animal by-products, gelatin is the result of the intensive meat industry with all of it’s associated animal welfare issues.

I came across ‘Sweet Vegan’ a little while ago and this week got the chance to try their lovely vanilla marshmallows. Fluffy, light, great outer texture and super gooey inside these were just like regular marshmallows but better. Better how? Well for starters they didn’t have that nasty artificial flavour that many shop varieties have. Instead Sweet Vegan marshmallows are made with natural flavours, in this case Madagascan Vanilla.  I also like that natural colours are used too, no day-glow mallows here! 

Marshmallow 1 I chose the large sized marshmallows which were really enjoyable to eat but I would recommend going for the smaller size if you are looking to put them onto hot chocolate drinks.

Downsides? Well the good stuff doesn’t come cheap. Sweet Vegan confectionery does retail at the high end of the sweetie range. You certainly wouldn’t want a 5 year old finding your stash and eating in 5 mins! The Sweet Vegan range is a little hard to come by too. Currently you can by on-line here and in independent shops like Bristol’s Better Food Company.  However once the word is out I reckon you will be seeing them in a shop near you!

What’s left to say about these lovely marshmallows? Ah yes… bring on the campfire!

Marshmallow 3


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