British blooms, it’s a flowery Friday!


Flowers 2 sml I love cut flowers, the fragrance, the colours and the cheer they bring to a home. However I’m not so keen on the air miles, the unfair trade and the damage to the environment most commercially grown flowers cause. So I’m always on the look for British grown blooms for sale; flowers grown on small holdings, people’s allotments and by green fingered gardeners.  

Flowers 1 smlThis morning I had the rare opportunity to take some time away from the computer and take a trip into Reading (Berkshire) town centre. Enjoying a walk in the sun my eye was caught by the sight of beautiful flowers being arranged and fruits and plants being put onto trestle tables.

Flowers 3smlBeing of inquisitive (read nosy) disposition I got chating to the lady setting up the tables who explained all. The group are gardeners from the Woodley and Newbury districts who once a week bring flowers, plants and produce into Reading sell, to raise a bit of money for charity. 

Flowers 4 smlAlongside the beautiful flowers and very healthy looking plants was a nice array of berries, rhubarb and eggs.

Flowers 5 smlTempted by all the fruits I opted for redcurrants to use in a new Porridge recipe that I’m writing. Alongside two beautiful bouquets of; sweet peas (probably my fav summer flower) and a mixed bunch of mixed pinks and white blooms and foliage. 

At £2.50 for a generous bunch of blooms these flowers are keenly priced, locally grown and well, bring a bit of colour and life to a quiet part of the town.

If you love British blooms, community run markets and a bit of a cheer to your day I would definitely recommend looking behind Reading’s St Marys Butts Church on a Friday morning (during the growing season only) at around 11am. 

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