Lovely Lavender; my latest food find is full of flavour


Lavender Brulee smlPlease excuse the poor quality of the photo but I wanted to share my latest food find with you.

This week I was in Hampshire and had the opportunity to pop into the Hoddington Arms. Set in the picturesque village of Upton Grey, ‘The Hodd’ (as the locals refer to it) is “… a beautiful country pub offering a real alternative to the stereotypical gastropub”.What drew me into the Hodd was the promise of it’s local food sourcing, which is delivered on several fronts e.g. great to see cheese from the local organic estate ‘Laverstoke Park Farm’ on the menu but disappointing not to see their high quality, high welfare, organic meat being used. Anyway, this post is about their dessert menu and what a dessert I had!

Now I love Lavender; it’s colour, it’s fragrance and it’s flavour. However in the past the Lavender infused foods I have eaten have tasted a bit like, well like an old ladies cardigan. So it was really refreshing to be served up the beautifully presented ‘English Lavender Scented Brulée’ at the Hodd and the flavour was just that ‘scented’.

Creamy with a fresh flavour, the beautifully scented Brulée was delicious. Accompanied by a fun ‘mini toffee apple’ aka a caramalised crab apple, this dessert was a real treat.

I know that the Hoddington Arms isn’t exactly on a main thoroughfare but if you ever find yourself in that part of Hampshire, I definitely recommend dessert at ‘The Hodd’. 

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