Cooking with Lavender? Yes or no?


Lavender 1 smlI’ve had a really good crop of lavender this year. As a drought tolerant plant, the lavender has thrived where many of my other plants have withered. In fact this years lavender seems more colourful; a vibrant and rich purple, and more fragrant.

I think it’s this vibrancy that has attracted me to cooking with it. However most lavender dishes, cakes and sweets, I have eaten in the past have been more reminiscent of eating an elderly ladies cardigan, than enjoying an a delicately infused dessert. 

In an attempt to get over my lavender bias I asked friends on Facebook and Twitter what they thought. What a response I had! From revulsion to real lavender love I had lots of responses, recipes and ideas. Thank you!

Whilst the lavender jury is still out, the proof of the lavender pudding is in the eating! My favourite idea is to infuse sugar and salt with the lavender.  Now salt to me means only one thing; traditional Scottish Porridge made with only coarse oatmeal, water and salt. Made with lavender salt? Well I’m going to give it a go and let you know. If it works, expect a recipe very soon.

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