Lavender Salt Porridge; a recipe with just a pinch of lavender


Lavender 3 smlRecently I posted about lavender and posed the question; Cooking with lavender, yes or no? I got lots of lovely responses, ideas and recipes with one idea that really caught my eye – Lavender Salt. Why? Because I use salt to make traditional Scottish oatmeal Porridge and the idea of trying out lavender salt in Porridge was too much to resist!

I found that infusing the salt with lavender got over that, soapy, over powering flavour that I find in many lavender flavoured foods. Instead infusing salt leads to a scented salt, which I found to be just enough lavender for my palate, whilst also lifting the Porridge.

Anyway I hope you will give this recipe a go and let me know what you think…   

Lavender Scented Salt Porridge


1 head of lavender

7 teaspoons of coarse sea salt

1 1/5 cups of coarse oatmeal

3 cups of cold water

Lavender 1 sml


To infuse the salt I placed it with the lavender in a small glass sealed jar and left it overnight.

In the morning put the oats and water into a deep saucepan or bain marie and cook as usual. This my method for cooking traditional Scottish oatmeal Porridge.

The key difference when using lavender salt is to add it later to the cooking oatmeal. I recommend adding it after 10 minutes of cooking.

Then pour the Porridge into bowls and serve hot with an optional swirl of thick cream.

Lavender 2 sml

The Porridge recipe will serve two but the lavender salt will keep you going for weeks.

There you have it, Porridge with a scent of lavender and not an old ladies cardigan in sight.

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