Organic September, making small changes for a big difference.


Small Changes snipI know that when suddenly I’ve become really busy, that Organic September has begun! A month to celebrate the best of organic and to support the farmers and producers who work hard to bring us sustainable foods and goods.

This year the campaign focuses around ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ . The Soil Association is asking people to pledge a small change that can have a big difference; to the environment, animal welfare or human health by swapping something you buy to an organic product.

My pledge is to buy organic cat food. It’s always been a frustration to me that whilst I will only eat organic meat for animal welfare issues, I’d been forced to feed my cat tinned food containing meat from industrialised farming. However The True Food Community Co-operative is now stocking Yarrah cat food so I can keep my pledge and keep my cat happy with a high meat content, nutritionally balanced organic cat food.

Join me buy making a ‘Small Changes’ pledge. It can be as simple as swapping your milk to organic or buying organic oats. What you can be sure of is a small change really does make a difference. 

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