The Wrong Porridge Bowls (Gromit)



This was meant to be a nice little post about the gorgeous bowls I had received for the Golden Spurtle Porridge comp. Each year I lovingly spend time searching for just the right crockery to plate up my Porridge; the right size, colour and something which reflects the theme of the Porridge. Through the competitions I’ve used retro plates, proudly British crockery from the Staffordshire Potteries and some stylish white & glass numbers.

It was no different this year, I came up with the recipe, found the bowls, placed the order and dutifully waited for them to arrive. However on opening the packaging I became very downhearted as I received saucers rather than bowls!!!

Paaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnniiiiiicccccc! 10 days to go to the competition and I’m bowl-less.  So this evening I’m on an internet hunt for lovely Porridge bowls. If you know of someone that makes, stocks or sells gorgeous oatmeal bowls please do let me know 🙂

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