Revealed: my specialty Porridge recipe for the Golden Spurtle


Rødgrød med Flød, Can you say it? Famous as a Danish dessert and famous as a Danish tongue twister but not so well know as a Porridge recipe… until now!

Yes for the 20th annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Champsionship I am making a Porridge version of the recipe ‘Rødgrød med Flød’. The inspiration for my recipe came from the press interest I’ve received this year, from the Scandi/Nordic media about my Porridge making, as all things oaty in Scandinavia is big news! This interest has influenced me to look more at Scandi cuisine for a recipe idea to make in the specialty section of the Golden Spurtle. For my recipe I have turned a favourite Scandinavian dessert into a Porridge recipe.

Whilst I cannot publish my full recipe until after the competition, the last little secret that I will let out is…. that in my recipe the oatmeal is cooked up in a very different way!

RC Porridge1 sml

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