They have arrived!!! Finally I have my bowls for the Golden Spurtle Porridge Championship.


Rod bowl 1 sml

Phew! I can finally breathe again as the replacement bowls for the Golden Spurtle have arrived. Whilst they are not the beautiful Scandinavian bowls that I originally ordered (bowls that would have been lovely with my Danish themed Porridge) at least I won’t be serving Porridge on paper plates! 😀

Rod bowl 2 sml

The good news is they are red, a really good shade of red to complement my specialty recipe for the competition ‘Red Autumn Porridge’. This recipe is my take on Rødgrød med Fløde, turning a favourite Danish dessert into a specialty Porridge.

After the competition I will be posting my recipe in full here in the blog, so do check back 🙂

Rod bowl 3 sml

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