No ‘winding’ the tea!


Little Tea Pot smlWow I have been blogging a LOT on Porridge over the last few weeks, even for a Porridge Lady! So I thought I’d take a little break and write about tea, a tea break 😉

On my recent travels I stopped in at a lovely tea room for a break and a good hot pot of tea. I was pretty gasping by the time the tea arrived and in an attempt to speed up the tea’s brewing I reached for the tea spoon to give the leaves a bit of a stir. Stop! Came the voice from the lady serving the tea, don’t, you shouldn’t ‘wind’ the tea!

Going on to explain, the lady said that “‘winding’ tea (giving it a stir with the spoon) doesn’t actually speed up steeping but is more likely to bring out the tannins in the tea”. That’s that bitter flavour you get when you have left the tea leaves infusing for too long (aka stewed tea).

So there, I was told! With tea patience is the virtue!

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