Katie Morag on CBeebies, chickens, sheepdogs and Porridge!


This Sunday sees the first episode of the new Katie Morag series being aired on CBeebies. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new series. Not just because I think the Katie Morag books tell wonderful stories, but because I’m excited to see the ‘Isle of Struay’ again, or what the grown-ups call the Isle of Lewis.

Earlier this year I was really lucky to see some of the filming for Katie Morag and to see some of the sets used.

Katie Morag 3

Katie Morag 4

I was also staying on the croft of the shows ‘animal wrangler’ aka the man who organised all the animals for the programme. From the big fluffy ginger cat Fabbydoo to the Alecina, the naughtiest of all the sheep! It was ‘Sandy the wrangler’ who got them on set, cared for them and most of all keep them clean for filming. Quiet a job with a naughty sheep 😉

I also got to see some of the animals actually being raised for the programme, which was quite a privilege, and feed the famous hens Porridge!

Katie Morag 1

Katie Morag 2Situated in the Outer Hebrides, the Isle of Lewis is both a stunning landscape and a welcoming island. After watching the series I hope you will be moved to visit the Hebrides and Lewis to see this stunning landscape for yourself.

Katie Morag 5

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