All I want for Christmas is…. Mont’albano Prosecco



Sometimes I get really nice e-mails popping into my inbox, like the message from the lovely organic wine company Vintage Roots which read;

“Would you like to review our Italian Prosecco?”

Ooh what a hard job I thought 😉 oh go on it is Christmas! You see I’m not much of a drinker, I tend to be an occasion tippler, a glass of something sparkling for a special event is as much as I usually drink. When I do have a drink I want my glass to be filled with something as special as the night that I’m attending, so the chance to sample a bottle of Vintage Roots Mont’albano Prosecco’ is perfect. 

The prosecco promises to be;

“Absolutely cracking organic Prosecco from north east Italy. Packed full of upfront lively lemon sherbet flavours with fizz! A great apéritif not only thirst quenching but refreshing.”

Which sounds wonderful but what I also care about is this prosecco is organic so the grapes have been grown without the use of synthetic fungicides, herbicides or fertilizers. Being certified organic also means that this prosecco is a low sulphite

Anyway the proof of the prosecco is in the drinking so I will review it fully over Xmas.

Hick 😉

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