5 reasons why you should eat Porridge for your Christmas breakfast


RC Porridge1 smlAs Christmas rolls around it can be tempting to ditch your oaty breakfast for something more indulgent. In this post I am going to give you 5 good reasons why you should stick with Porridge for the festive season and especially for your Christmas breakfast.

1) Porridge will give you a healthy start to an otherwise gluttonous day.

It’s estimated that the average calorie intake, per person, on Christmas day is 8000 calories! Start with Porridge to hold back that tide!

2) A Porridge breakfast will keep you full until lunch time.

It can be a long time from breakfast to a late Xmas lunch; From getting up at 5am with over excited children, to the last of the sprouts being placed on the Christmas lunch table at 2pm. For all the excitement, for all the work, you need Porridge!

3) One breakfast can suit all.

Christmas lunch will create lots of washing up so give yourself a break by making a simple Porridge breakfast. Cook one big pot of Porridge and get family and friends to add their own easy toppings like jam or chopped dried fruits and nuts. 

4) Cheap as Porridge!

The luxury foods, the presents, the tree and decorations, it all adds up. So save a few pennies at Christmas by having a great value Porridge breakfast. 

5) Because you’ve been eating it all winter, why change from the best breakfast now!

Merry Christmas to you from Porridge Lady!

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  1. Happy Christmas to you too, Anna Louise

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