Speak up now! The Co-operative wants you to ‘Have Your Say’


I’ve been a member of The Co-operative for several years. I shop with the Co-operative, bank with the Co-operative and I am even preparing a plan with the Co-operative Funeral Care (practical and not morbid as you might think!).

Whilst I am a member of the Co-operative, and a big fan of their groundbreaking work in areas like Fair Trade produce, my faith in the group was rocked by their recent banking crisis. Disenfranchised I began to question my loyalty to a Co-op that had opaque rather than open business practices.

Today my faith in the Co-op has been lifted as the group have launched a wide reaching members and shoppers survey. The aim of the survey is to understand our views to enable the Co-operative to change for the future.

Change for the better? Well only YOU can decide that if you ‘Have Your Say‘ by completing the on-line questionnaire.

For me, what sets The Co-operative apart from the ‘Big Four’ supermarkets, is their willingness to listen, to change and to put ethics and customers before profits.

There, I’ve had my say!

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