My Little Food Finds; ‘Drink, Shop & Do’


Do Eat Shop2Ever thought of ‘taking tea’ in Kings Cross, London? Neither had I until I came across ‘Drink, Shop & Do’.

I had always viewed Kings Cross as, at best as a transit point, someone to escape London from. At worst… well lets not dwell on it’s 80’s reputation. Well all that changed last week when I visited the “design shop and café bar” ‘Drink, Shop & Do’ on a tip off from a Twitter friend.

On arrival I was immediately smitten by it’s ‘Mid Century’ styling (so now sweetie ;-)) and the bright and airy feel to the cafe. 

Do Eat Shop4

Do Eat Shop5

Best of all was the discovery that ‘Drink, Shop & Do’ serve loose leaf tea, the holy grail of tea for me. I hadn’t had my usual cup of morning tea and I was on my way to an all day meeting, so I nearly (only nearly), hugged the waitress when she appeared with the biggest pot of tea I have ever seen! 

Do Eat Shop1

From the extensive loose leaf tea menu I opted for ‘Windsor Castle’ enough of a morning Assam kick with the dignity of Darjeeling too. The tea was lovely, refreshing, and like I say in plentiful supply!

My visit was more of a morning pit stop than a full-on afternoon tea but from what I experienced and the cakes that I spied! ‘Drink, Shop & Do’ would be a lovely location for a full Sunday afternoon tea. 

‘Drink, Shop & Do’ is definitely a recommendation from me and I hope you get the opportunity to visit my latest ‘Little Food Find’. 

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