Organic Market Report 2014; The good news is published, organic sales are up!


Organic Market Report 2014 IMG1Today the Soil Association released it’s Organic Market Report 2014 with the outstanding news that across the board UK organic sales are up by 2.8%.

Against the backdrop of a difficult economy, this is really good news for organic farmers and businesses across the country. For me what is most heartening is that independent retailers have seen growth of 6.9%. As someone locked firmly in the world of local organic food this is fantastic news.

However it isn’t all good news. Whilst there is an increase in the sale of organic dairy, meat and vegetables the amount of land in organic agriculture has actually fallen (Defra report to year end 2012).

Have faith in the future though as young people are key to the growth of the organic sector. The age group 28-34 are now spending the most on organic food.

And finally whether you buy organic food because it contains fewer pesticides/chemicals (37%) or because it’s more natural/unprocessed (34%) it takes all of us to keep organic food on the shelves. From; Farmers and growers, to producers and manufacturers, to the retailer, the policy maker and us the consumer we all have our role to play in supporting, increasing and supplying sustainable, healthy food.

Organic Market Report 2014 IMG2


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