Towards 7-a-day, the fruity Porridge way


Chia & Cherry Porridge

The news has been full of the story that we should be eating at least 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. But do you struggle to even eat 5? 

It can be a difficult to make sure that every meal comes with vegetables, and that you get the opportunity to snack on fruit throughout the day. So why not start your day with a fruit Porridge to get you on the right track!

Here are 7 of my favourite fruity Porridge recipes to get you towards that goal of 7-a-day and to good health!

  1. Cherry & Chia Porridge
  2. Cinnamon, Saffron & Blueberry Porridge
  3. Papaya Porridge
  4. Forced Rhubarb and Orange Juice Porridge
  5. Pomegranate Porridge
  6. Hobbit-y Porridge
  7. PB&A Porridge

Pom Porridge 2

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