A storm in a teacup


Storm in a teacup1I can measure how good a bank holiday weekend has been by the number of pots of tea, which I have drunk. Eight over the Easter Weekend. A good number! I also think it’s been a good bank holiday when I learn something new about tea and this weekend I learn’t how to stop making a storm of noise in a teacup. 

It’s all too tempting when presented with a nice cup of tea and an accompanying spoon, to give the tea a good old stir. It’s good to distribute the milk, it allows you to judge if you have added enough, and well frankly it’s quiet therapeutic. However the sound of a circling teaspoon catching against china can be quiet a din, especially if you are in a tearoom full of clankers.

How do you avoid the noise? Simple, rather than circling the spoon, clipping the sides as you go, gently swish it backwards and forwards in the centre of the cup, thereby avoiding it’s sides.

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