Votes for Women! When washing up gets radical


Radical TTC1

Ever thought that washing up could be radical? Neither had I until I received an e-mail from the ‘Radical Tea Towel Company’.

Now I get a lot of e-mails asking me to review restaurants or endorse products and generally I say no. In short I will only blog about a product I already use and love, an ethical endeavor or something innovative, something that catches my eye and that’s just what the tea towel company did. Claiming…

The Radical Tea Towel Company has dragged this formerly dull kitchen accessory from the shadows of its history as a tool for the aristocracy – and into a revolutionary standard for the masses

I was intrigued. Curious enough to have a look over the radical’s website, It was the ‘women’s march, suffragette design’ that caught my eye. However not wanting to be shackled to the kitchen sink to review the product 😉 I asked for the tote bag rather than the tea towel.

Radical TTC2When the bag arrived I was instantly impressed with the printing. Bold with a purple true to the suffrage colours and clean printing, no warped lines etc. The bag is well made with a gusset and well sewn handles. To test the bag I went off on my bike to get the weekly fruit and veg in and I can definitely say that it’s a strong bag.

Now to the ethics… well the company has a clear policy which you can read in full here. It’s all good stuff but Radical’s please can I make a request… a range of organic cotton tea towels good for people and the earth 🙂

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