Summer of Stag Beetles


Stag Beetle_I know that summer has arrived when Strawberries and Stag Beetles arrive in my garden.

The Stag Beetles appear in late May or early June, normally after a few consecutive hot days. I’m alerted to their presence by a sort of buzz/low hum they make when flying, then the inevitable thud as they hit a bush or the compost bin (ouch).  They are not the most graceful of flyers, more of a Sherman tank trying to take off than Concorde. However the Stag Beetles are quiet a sight to behold and a joy to watch.

I feel very privileged and quite protective of the garden Stage Beetles. As a rare species seeing a Stage Beetle is a treat and having a garden colony is certainly an honour, especially as it takes It takes 5 years for a Stag Beetle to come to full maturity.

Stag beetlesmlWhilst Stag Beetles look fierce, with the males having long jaw-like mandibles that look just like a stag’s antlers, and the females with their pincer like claws, they are in fact harmless.

Just like rutting Deer stags, the male Stag Beetles are prolific fighters in the mating season. However this is a mating ritual and will not bother you.

Thank you to @AnglianPandW for this amazing video. 

A final word… Stag Beetles are rare so please give them the space that they need during these hot summer days. Do not be tempted to pick them up or move them unless they are in immanent danger e.g. in the middle of a road.  If you want to find out more about Stag Beetles, what to do when you find them, or how to encourage them into your garden, you can read more on the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species website.

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