Bridget; The board game for sunshine and strategy!


Bridget4Last year I blogged about the fast and furious game of ‘Pucket’. I loved it so much that a few months ago I was Asked by ET Games to review their new offering ‘Bridget’; ‘The world’s No. 1 bridge building strategy game’.

When Bridget arrived I wasn’t disappointed. On opening the box I could quickly see that Bridget is made to the same quality as Pucket. Held in an organic cotton bag, Bridget is made from sustainably grown ash and birch. The game is manufactured in the UK and finished at Highdown Prison via the social enterprise Blue Sky Inside.

Bridget3However whilst Pucket was an instant success with me, Bridget has been a slower burner. It’s taken me a few sunny Sunday’s to get to grips with the game and encourage others to join in. Now don’t get me wrong, this ISN’T a negative review. Just like those albums that take a few listens before you ‘get into them’ Bridget, once mastered will become your fav game.

Whilst Pucket is quick to pick up and then no holds barred! Bridget is more tetris mixed with chess. With Swiss origins Bridget has been redesigned by ET Games for a new audience. I would say that audience is; ethically minded, enjoys strategic games and a little challenge but most of all understands quality.

Now get your picnic blanket out as it’s time to play in the sun!  


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