The Proverbial Porridge


Breath Porridge1‘Save your breath to cool your Porridge’. A wonderful and useful saying that’s so much more polite than the rude turn of phrase from my teenage years; “Talk to the hand”!

I love a good clichè, a truism or a saying. I find them useful as a writer to lighten up a dull paragraph or in speech to brighten up a heavy discussion. Conversational crisis can always be avoided with a good clichè and “worse things happen at sea” has got me out of some tricky corners! You can probably imagine then how excited I was to come across this lovely card from the Artist Emily Sutton. I instantly bought the card which now takes pride of place on the shelf above where I work. I often look at the card and mutter about how people should save there breath, when I am dealing with particularly vexing e-mails!

Breath Porridge2

Anyway the card got me thinking, could there be other sayings or proverbs about Porridge? A quick google later and yes, a pretty amazing array of Porridge proverbs exist and some of my favourite can be found here.

‘Crumb not your bread before you taste your porridge’.

If you know of anymore Porridge proverbs please do share them here on the blog.

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