The clear nutritional benefits of organic food


Organic is differentYou might have seen a headline in the papers or heard something on the news, as tomorrow (15/07/14) a ground breaking piece of research is being released that shows

“Significant differences in the nutritional content of organic and non-organic crops”

Research led by Prof Carlo Leifert of University of Newcastle will show that organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health and lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides. 

This new research shows that “switching to organic crop consumption is equivalent to eating one or two additional portions (to the recommended “five a day”) of fruit or vegetables per day”

As an advocate of organic food this research finally gives me, farmers and growers alike, the opportunity to tell people just how beneficial eating organic food is. For years we have been barred from saying what we all knew empirically, because we did not have the ‘proof’ to back our claims. Now this extensive study, conducted by an international research team, will illustrate;

  • Farming method affects quality: the quality of food is influenced by the way it is produced.
  • More antioxidants: Organic crops (cereals, fruit and vegetables) have significantly higher concentrations of antioxidants than non-organic.
  • Fewer: Pesticide residues and heavy metals like in organic crops.

Whilst the full research is not released until tomorrow in the British Journal of Nutrition, you can read a summary of the paper here;

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