A penny for them; cycling freedom with ‘Penny in ‘Yo Pants’


I love dresses and in this warm weather I’m finding wearing them invaluable. However I also love to cycle and until recently I found to two to be incompatible. There have been many days when I’ve ventured out to collect my bike wearing a lovely frock only to be met with winds that have blown me back inside, to change into the safety of trousers. Ladies you will know what I mean, you want to cycle but you don’t want to show your knickers to all the other road users!

A couple of days ago a friend shared this video with me. Such a simple idea that it’s genius! I wanted to share it with you but also the message behind ‘Penny in ‘Yo Pants”a message for the freedom of all women cyclists.

I take it for granted that any day and everyday I can just hop on my bike and go; for work, for errands and for leisure. Throughout it’s history the bike has been a symbol of liberation for women and a mechanism of freedom.  ‘Penny in ‘Yo Pants’ continues that journey by aiming to sponsor the Afghanistan women’s cycling team through the sale of their forthcoming ‘Penny in ‘Yo Pants’ product.

Have a look at this video to find out more;

If you want to find out more about the ‘Penny in ‘Yo Pants’ Kickstarter fund and more general info then take a look HERE

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