Lone dining or loner dining? Is a table for one the new restaurant trend?


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I was interested to read the BBC article this morning ‘Tables for one, the rise of solo dining’. Commenting on how more restaurants now cater for single diners, and noting Amsterdam’s new pop-up restaurant Eenmaal, (which only has tables for one) the article went on to question the motivations of lone diners. 

I recently commented on social media in reaction to the Guardian Newspapers article ‘Table for one? Restaurant offers giant stuffed animals for company’. This article reported how a Japanese restaurant offers its lone dining clientele large Moomin toys to sit with they whilst they eat, in an attempt to banish loneliness. Most social media reaction I received was from those who regularly ate alone whilst on business. These commentators preferred a good book to a large toy for companionship!  However is a book just a way of avoiding gaze from fellow ‘smug married‘ diners?

Now before you paint me as a dining no-mates (as opposed the the Billy variety) I will defend myself by saying there I think there is nothing better than a celebratory meal, coffee, croissants and gossip or afternoon tea and sympathy with girl-friends. However I’m with Inspector Montalbano the legendary lone-diner of Andrea Camilleri’s books, in the enjoyment of eating alone. Montalbano frequents wonderful coastal trattoria where he sits to enjoy three course lunches; the flavours, the aromas, the work of art on his plate, without having to make idle small talk.

As I take my lunch table for one I’d love to know what you think….

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