Butter coffee; Is caffeine reaching new heights?



When I heard about the new food trend for ‘Butter Coffee’ on Twitter I thought it sounded quiet tasty. After all we add full milk to make the silkiest latte’s and cream to make a filter coffee that much smoother.  So butter coffee, simple and creamy, what’s not to like? However being a new coffee ‘trend’ it was never going to be that easy!

Meet Dave Asprey entrepreneur, ‘bio-hack’ and founder of ‘Bulletproof’ the bean behind the ‘Butter Coffee’ trend. Now ‘Bulletproof’ isn’t just about lobbing butter into your cooling coffee, it’s a whole system of coffee making from ‘clean beans’ to adding coconut oil and blending butter to make the final cup. It is reported that Dave Asprey was inspired to create this new form of coffee from the 18,000 feet height of Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

With health claims including increased and balanced energy levels (no caffeine highs and lows) to fat burning and improved mental clarity, Butter Coffee has been an instant hit, especially with followers of the ‘Clean Eating’ trend and followers of the Paleo Diet. However Butter Coffee is not without it’s critics. Dietitians are warning that adding the requisite 80g of butter will calorie load your daily cup by up to 200 calories. 

Like I said at the beginning I still like the idea of Butter Coffee but do you? Have you tried it Bulletproof style? I’d love to know what you think. In the meantime I’m off to the kitchen to pop a chunk of butter into my coffee, homemade style 😉

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