My ‘Little Food Finds’: Lincoln Coffee House


Lincoln Coffee 1In spite of the cafe’s name this review is actually about tea and to call it ‘my’ Little Food Find is a bit of a cheek too as my visit to Lincoln Coffee House actually came through a tip off 😉

Earlier this month I reviewed afternoon tea at Reading’s ‘Cerise’ restaurant. I received a lot of comments on Twitter (@porridgelady) about the review from people who didn’t know that Cerise existed and locals who didn’t know they served afternoon tea. However the comments mostly came from a people recommending other places to find good tea in Reading. Pointing out one overlooked venue was Reading’s restaurant reviewer ‘Edible Reading‘. It was on his recommendation that I popped along to Lincoln, and what better time to have gone than in Afternoon Tea Week.

My first impression of Lincoln was that it’s very much a coffee house rather than a tea room. All exposed brickwork and sleek clean lines means Lincoln would not be out of place in Shoreditch or Hoxton. However my prejudice was quickly overcome when the barista turned into a tea guru when he weighed the leaves with which he was about to make my tea!

Lincoln Coffee 2Taking a seat to watch the very welcoming staff at work, I saw quality tea being made with care. The tea was then presented to me in a very cute little pot with a small bottle of milk and most importantly an egg timer. After instructions I was left wait for the tea to brew, waiting for the sands of time to pass through the timer.

The tea was refreshing and surprisingly plentiful (the pot looked tiny when it arrived) and I was offered a water top up too. It’s also nice to be served cold milk. So often milk that accompanies tea is slightly warm. I sat reading a book and enjoyed the mildly hipster venue with subtle music and constant, but not too busy, customer traffic. However, and for me this is a huge mark against Lincoln, once I had consumed a reasonable sized pot of tea I thought that it would be a reasonable request for the toilets. To be told that they do not have a customer toilet and to be on the side of town that doesn’t have a public toilet, is annoying. I don’t think I’m alone in expecting a cafe to provide a toilet, I certainly know amongst my women friends a clean toilet is a prerequisite for a good cafe.  

So in ‘Lincoln Coffee House’ have I found Reading’s best tea room? Sorry to say, and in spite of the tea attention to detail, a lack of customer toilet means it’s a no.

For those of you with a strong bladder:

Lincoln Coffee House

60 Kings Road, 




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