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Brogdale CherriesIf you read my blog regularly you will have noticed peaks and troughs in my posting. You see I’ve been wrapped up in a new project, quiet a big project, of roughly a hectare in size!

Earlier this year I took ownership of a plot of land that over the last few months I have been working to turn into a cherry orchard. I have written about my project for the Soil Association blog and you can read all about my project here.

Part of the work to get the plot ready has involved speaking to experts and visiting orchards. Back in July I had the opportunity to travel to Kent and visit Brogdale, home to the National Fruit Collection. My visit was for a very specific reason, to visit the annual Cherry Festival.

Brogdale Cherry Sale_For a cherry fanatic the day was a feast for the eyes, with an orchard tour and for the stomach, with an opportunity to taste and array of cherry varieties. However the key thing that I learned from my trip was the importance of having Brogdale as a national repository of fruit varieties (not just cherries, apples, pears, quinces too). As agriculture intensifies  we loose the depth and breath of fruit varieties that are commercially grown.

Whether you are a grower or an eater of fruits I hope that you too will think about visiting one of Brogdale’s open days. In an attempt to persuade you I’m going to share my photos from a very enjoyable day out….

Brogdale Cherry Display smlBrogdale Cherry Sale2Brogdale Cherry Sale3Brogdadle Cheery Orachrd1 smlBrogdale orchards

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