New and beautiful Porridge bowls, ready for an Autumn of recipe writing


Ridgleine BowlsOver the weekend I acquired a new set of bowls. These beautiful bowls are hand thrown, will all the lovely little imperfections that come with handmade pottery.

Ridgeline Bowls2I really needed some new bowls, as it was pointed out to me last week, that I use the same bowl everyday for my breakfast photo posted on Twitter (@Porridgelady). Oops!

Ridgeline Bowls4As a recipe writer I need a bevy of beautiful bowls, crockery and cutlery for my food styling and food photography. However at home I use pretty much the same bowl everyday. So step up new bowls and grace Twitter with your presence!

Ridgeline Bowls5I think this bowl is perfect for serving up my recipe of ‘Hobbit-y Porridge‘.

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