Pogo your oats! The new Porridge measure


Pogo3I received an e-mail last week asking me if I would like to review ‘Pogo’ the new Porridge cooking aid. With a great name like Pogo I was tempted and agreed. A few days later Pogo bounced through my letter box (sorry can’t resist a pun) and I got cooking….

Pogo ‘the perfect Porridge measure’ is essentially a plastic measuring beaker for oats and milk/water to make Porridge. Follow the instructions on your Porridge packet, measure the oats and water in Pogo and away you go.

Pogo has a nice little design. I like the fact that you can measure all types of oats, including oatmeal and even oatbran.

Pogo2Getting oat to fluid quantities right, It’s one of the most FAQ’s I get on Twitter. The ratio and measuring correctly is something that I rely on ‘Porridge Mug‘ for. If you haven’t already got a PM then this may be the device for you!

So after plenty of Pogo Porridge practice what did I think about it?

  • Pogo is clear and easy to use, and comes with a great little info card with lots of handy tips on how to make the best Porridge.   
  • However I didn’t like that the ‘oats’ measuring rule on Pogo didn’t differentiate between jumbo oats and quick cook oats. In my opinion because of the different surface area of the two types of oats, the measure was out.
  • Pogo It’s light and portable BUT
  • Pogo is not dishwasher safe and for me this is a huge downside to the product.

So who is Pogo for?

A Porridge making newbie who wants to move away from individual sachet Porridge to making their own.

A keen cook who wants to get the essentials of Porridge making right.

A great Xmas present for a Porridge fanatic .

Pogo1* This is an independent review of Pogo. I do not work for ‘Human Needs’ the owners of the Pogo TM. I did not receive any fee for writing this post. My review reflects my own personal opinion and should be a substitute for yours.
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2 Responses to Pogo your oats! The new Porridge measure

  1. Damian Powell says:

    Great review! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had one of these for over a year now and it get’s cleaned in the dish washer every weekday, and some weekends too. It’s not showing any sign of wear just yet! Good point about the surface area of jumbo vs quick oats though; I only use the quick kind and it seems perfect for those so I guess that’s probably the market that this device is aimed at.

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