Values, Spending Power & Supporting Local Traders; my post on the Fox & Monkey site


Fox & MonkeyLast week I wrote for the Soil Association blog on the welfare of chickens within the British agricultural system. My post got picked up by an organisation called ‘Fox + Monkey’ as part of a piece they posted on the ethics of where we spend our money. It’s always great to see one of my posts re-cycled as the whole point of campaign blogging is to get the word out!

My post was picked up thanks to Sheepdrove Organic Farm who had retweeted it to highlight the excellent work on their farm. Sheepdrove raise organic livestock through the highest welfare practices, resulting in quality products. You can now try the farm products for yourself as the Sheepdrove Christmas shop is now open. You can order one of their organic meat hampers on-line, which also include treats like farm honey and on-farm baked mince pies. So get your fingers clicking for a high welfare, delicious Christmas!

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