Perfect presents for Porridge lovers; Porridge Lady’s top 5 Christmas gifts


Sweeheart Porridge blogAre you struggling to find the perfect Christmas present for the Porridge lover in your life? Whether they are a die hard oatmeal traditionalist, or a microwave Porridge fan, this list will help you find the perfect present.

1. The Spurtle

Spurtle 7For: Those who want to advance their Porridge making

Mighter than the spoon, and for me an essential piece of kit, the spurtle is invaluable when making oatmeal Porridge. However many Porridge fans don’t own a spurtle and a handmade one makes a lovely and thoughtful gift. You can read all about spurtles and their customs in this post.

Available directly from wood turners and many good cookery shops. You can also buy on-line from the ‘Seafoam Woodturning Studio‘. Whilst Derek is based in Nova Scotia, he can ship to anywhere in the world.

2. Pogo

Pogo2For: Especially good for Porridge newbies

Recently I was sent a ‘Pogo‘ to review from the designer and creator of the oaty invention. Conical shaped, Pogo is a nifty device for measuring oats, and the fluid needed to cook them to perfection. You can read my full review of Pogo here but in short I think it’s a great device for newcomers to Porridge making.

One of the key aspirations of Pogo’s creator is to get people making their own Porridge from scratch, rather than buying ready-to-go oat sachets. So if you have a friend who you are keen to convert, or fancy buying one yourself to save £’s on pre-packed sachets, you can get a Pogo on-line here.

3. Porridge Thermos

Porridge Thermos, Breakfast recipe to goFor: Commuting Porridge eaters

For several years I have been espousing the benefits of a ‘Porridge Thermos’. The picture above shows mine, which has been in active service for all that time. basically it’s a wide neck thermos with a spoon that sits neatly in the lid. I use the thermos when I have an early start and a long train journey ahead. I make Porridge before I leave and spoon it into the thermos, to eat at my leisure on the train.

My favourite style of the moment is the ‘Thermo Pot’ available from the science museum. With a 10 year guarantee, this Christmas present will give your loved ones years of Porridge pleasure.

4. Howies t-shirt

Howies Porridge t 1 For: The Porridge lover who has it all

Eat the breakfast, wear the t-shirt. When Howies, the outdoor clothing company, introduced this fab-t to their collection I just had to have it! Designed by Anthony Oram the logo says it all! 

Available directly from Howies on-line

5. Oats!

Porridge Champion Anna Louise BatchelorOk this may sound obvious but if your friend is a Porridge fanatic why not buy them…


It may sound silly but I can assure you a huge sack of oats would be more welcome to a Porridge loving member of the family than a pair of socks! Stored properly a big bag of oats can last until next Christmas,  when you can always buy them a refill 😉 Read my post on how to store your oats properly here.

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