Tea at Frankfurt’s Cafe Mozart where a change is as good as a rest


Motzart Tea smlA change is as good as a rest, so the saying goes and I’m back from my German travels feeling rested, having enjoyed a change of scenery and routine.  One of the small yet significant changes that I enjoyed was the change to my tea drinking rituals, which includes the habit of always having tea with milk.

Taking a much needed break from exploring Frankfurt I took a rest in the cities ‘Cafe Mozart’. Described by the guide books as a ‘cafe institution’ I took my place with an interesting mix of refined ladies and cool kids, all taking tea.

I ordered a pot of their finest Ceylon but was dismayed when the tea arrived without milk but with lemon. Now although I’m a die hard black tea and milk kind of lady I do dabble with Oolongs and green teas when the mood takes me but I always drink Ceylon with milk. Taking the ‘when in Frankfurt’ mindset I gave the Ceylon + lemon combo a go and I was taken aback by it’s freshness and full flavour, that I don’t normally get to enjoy when doused with milk. Better still I was served a natty device to dispense the lemon juice which stopped any pips getting into the tea and allowed me to add just the right amount of juice.

Motzart Tea Paw smlAs a convert, I’m now on the hunt for one of these lemon squeezing devices. Does anyone use them?

If like me you want to be converted or just want to experience the pillar of Frankfurt’s cafe society, you can find Cafe Mozart here; 

Café Mozart
Operated by: Fam. Iacino
Töngesgasse 23 – 25
D 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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