5 Top Tips For Porridge Newcomers


RC Porridge1 smlWith ‘Porridge Season’ well and truly upon us I have been busy on Twitter answering lots of oaty questions. I find that I am busier than ever in January, as lots of new people take up the Porridge habit. With lots of common question coming up, I decided to write a post based on the most FAQ’s on Twitter. So whether you have come to Porridge for health reasons, to save a bit of money after an expensive Christmas, or you’ve read that Porridge will lead to a long life! This tips are for you….

My Top 5 Tips For Porridge Newcomers

1 Ratio

To make the perfect Porridge you need to get the ratio of oats to fluid right. It doesn’t matter if you use water, milk or a dairy substitute, too much of any fluid will give you a runny Porridge with a gruel consistency. Too little will result in a solid Porridge.

I always use the ratio 2:1 Two parts fluid to one part oats.

2 Quantities

Making too much Porridge is never an issue in my home 😉 but too little definitely is! From cooking a single morning bowl, or breakfasting with friends, to catering for over a hundred hungry cyclists, I always use my ‘Porridge Mug’ to get the correct quantity of oats.

I find that 3/4 of a mug per person is an ample breakfast but 1 mug full of oats is perfect for those with big appetites. If you use the same mug everyday you will quickly learn just how much makes the perfect breakfast for you.

3 Stir, stir and stir some more

It doesn’t matter whether you cook oats in a pan or the microwave the key to lump free Porridge is plenty of stirring. If you are using a microwave take you bowl out of the oven and give it a good stir at least three times during cooking. Also rotate the bowl to ensure an even cook.

4 Store your oats properly

After Christmas we all need to economise a bit and what better way to save money than buying a big bag of oats. Not only is it better value, but also ensures that you won’t run out. However to make the most of your oats and to ensure you always make the perfect Porridge, you must store your oats properly!

5 A stock of Simple recipes

To keep Porridge eating interesting it’s good to have a few simple recipes you can call on. Have a browse through my blog for recipes and why not follow me on Twitter where I share a photo of my breakfast everyday.

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