The Spurtle Times


Spurtle Packagingii 2Last week an unexpected parcel arrived from Canada. Unfortunately the customs label gave away the contents, however the gift was truly a lovely surprise.

Spurtle PackageThe parcel contained a beautiful hand-turned Porridge Spurtle from Derek Andrews and his ‘Seafoam Woodturning Stuido’. For sometime now Derek and I have exchanged tweets on the subject of Spurtles and oats, mostly around the myths and legends surrounding Porridge. When Derek explained that he had written up these customs and Spurtle tales into a pamphlet, I was interested!

‘The Spurtle Times’ is the title of Derek’s informative leaflet covering usage and traditions of the Spurtle and tales like;

The Porridge “Spurtle” was twelve feet long; and the end of it was inserted in a hole made in a plank across the joisting, and a stout person below kept stirring, while the oatmeal was gradually scattered on the boiling surface. It tired two or three before the process was completed”.

I have read widely on Porridge customs and written on the history of Spurtle myself, however I was enthralled and entertained by ‘The Spurtle Times’ and learnt lots of new facts too!  A copy of ‘Spurtle Times’ accompanies every purchase of Derek’s Spurtles so I can highly recommend getting on-line, buying yourself a beautiful Spurtle and learning more.

Derek’s Spurtles can be purchased on-line here and you can follow him on Twitter too for daily Porridge facts.

Seafoam Spurtle sml

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