My ‘Little Food Finds’; Teacup Kitchen


Teacup Tea 2To say that Manchester’s ‘Teacup Kitchen’ is one of my ‘Little Food Finds’ would be like saying I discovered tea. From a quick look at Tecups blog it’s clear that the venue is a big hit with Northern bloggers. However being a sullen Southerner (I’ll explain that later) I decided that it was time to get the word on Teacup out to the Southern tea drinking fraternity. So here goes…

I arrived at Teacup Kitchen on springs hottest day so far, dressed for winter. I’d just fallen out of an overheated train, trudged around Manchaeter’s Northern quarter carrying my winter coat, and feeling completely parched I fell into Teacup as the proverbial ‘Sullen Southerner’. However when greeted with a wall of warm Mancunian charm, hospitality, and an extensive tea menu I quickly regained my cheer.

A little bit bistro, a little bit cafè, Teacup has interesting food offerings from sandwich staples like ham and cheese to posh pies with fillings such as ‘Duck, Goose or Game’. For me though it was all about the tea and I was instantly impressed with the selection, ranging from; Popular, Premium, Rare and Beyond Rare! With prices to match accordingly. I chose the Beijing Breakfast which promised; 

“A sweet, malty, single estate black tea from the
famous Taoist mountain, Laoshan in Shangdong
Province. Produced using natural bio-farming
methods on a tiny 14-acre estate, Mr Mou’s
exquisite black tea is unique and hard to come by.
With a caramel oat-like sweetness, it’s best taken
without milk”.

Teacup Tea 3 The tea arrived in a glass ‘Tea-iere‘ with an accompanying timer and glass jug. This allowed me to brew the tea for a precise 4 minutes and then transfer to the jug. The tea was malty, rich and surprisingly red as you can see from the picture. It was delicious, the first infusion full bodied, the second and third more delicate but this allowed the sweetness to come though. However by the forth infusion it was like drinking twigs, so I called it a day.  

The service at Teacup was excellent, a sort of manic attentiveness that meant the tea, and the subsequent tops up, came thick and fast, but manic with Manc cheeriness. Teacup offers several afternoon tea options from a full afternoon tea (which spying follow tea drinkers came on a three tier stand and seemed to beat even the heartiest of diners) and classic scones to more Manchester themed options like the ‘Rainbow Cake’. If (hopefully when) I go back I will be trying the ‘Cream Tea with Magnificent Madeleines’ served hot from the oven with Chantilly cream, the thought of which is making my mouth water.

 Teacup Kitchen

55 Thomas Street

Manchester, M4 1NA

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  1. SR says:

    A pot of Jade tip green tea and a bowl of pumpkin and sage risotto, good lunch!

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