My ‘Little Food Finds’: York Cocoa House


York Cocoa House2 croppedLast summer I visited York for ‘Le Grand Depart’ of the Tour de France. I had a lovely time soaking up the cities culture and idling around in cafés. When I came back from my city break I was bursting to blog about a ‘cocoa house’ where I had enjoyed the best hot chocolate that I have ever drunk. Sadly work picked up and I had to put my blog down. However work isn’t such a bad thing as recently I found myself back in York thanks to it, and now finally I’ve written my ‘Little Food Find’ from York….

I am a big fan of hot chocolate but find that very few café’s do it well. I’ve been disappointed by some of the most expensive and more renowned cafe’s offerings of hot chocolate, which are little more than warm milk added to drinking chocolate powder. I was beginning to give up the notion of ever drinking a good hot chocolate made from chocolate when I came across ‘York Cocoa House‘.

Located in the city center, just round the corner from the Minster, York Cocoa House is a favourite stop for tourists and regulars alike. In fact the Cocoa House is a bit of a destination for all things chocolate and includes; a chocolate school, where you can take a chocolate master-class, a chocolate shop, selling Cocoa House made truffles and Artisan bars of chocolate, and of course the chocolate cafe.

York Cocoa House shelfThe café is beautifully nostalgic, harking back to York’s heyday as the ‘chocolate city‘. Tastefully filled with memorabilia, the Cocoa House is a living museum of chocolate; remembering the cities great factories of Terry’s and Rowntree’s chocolate, but also breathing life back into the cities chocolate commerce through the vibrant café and school.

Once seated I got on with the important business of choosing my chocolate. The Cocoa House has an impressive, but not unwieldy, selection of drinks that include single origin hot chocolates fit for connoisseurs through to very palatable drinks like chocolate orange (can’t imagine where they got that idea from :-D). I opted for one of the house specials ‘Spanish Hot Chocolate’ which was described as “thick, bitter chocolate”

York Cocoa House Chocolate_What arrived, is what I can only describe as a chocolate pudding in a cup. I mean that in a good way. The Cocoa House ‘Spanish Hot Chocolate’ is every bit like the choc that I loved dipping my churros into, into the small hours in a Barcelona bar.  Authentic, delicious and very, very filling. My co-chocolate drinker opted for the single origin “Tumaco-65% cocoa solids (dark cherry)” which, in a nice touch, is served with a small piece of the chocolate for you to taste. This drink was a true connoisseurs hot chocolate, much appreciated and enjoyed by my companion.

Alongside the impressive hot chocolate menu the Cocoa House also serves chocolate based cakes, pastries and even a chocolate afternoon tea. However after my meal in a hot chocolate cup, there wasn’t room even for the accompanying truffle which I dutifully took with me to enjoy on the train journey home.

York Cocoa House1Was I impressed by York’s Cocoa House? Yes! Has my faith in hot chocolate been restored? Most definitely. Would I recommend it to you? In a heart beat…..

York Cocoa House

3 Blake Street



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