Porridge Lady Hiccups!


porridgeLadyHeaderImage.pngOk so it’s not actually me that’s hiccuping, although I am known for my ‘annoying hiccuping bouts’, it’s actually porridgelady.co.uk that’s been having a bit of a ‘moment’. Over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my site with the inevitable wordpress problems that come from installing a new version.

Maintaining a website is the bane of every bloggers life, we love writing recipes, taking and making high quality images and of course writing, but the I.T. side of what we do can be a real pain. Now normally I see the ‘techy’ stuff as a necessary eve-il. However I was upset over the weekend when I lost all of the comments that people had kindly left on posts. I’ve been blogging for several years now which means I’ve lost A LOT of comments.

Old and new, the comments have vanished. Whilst I rope in my web developer friend to delve into the magicians hat of the internet and try and pull the comments out of the black hole! I have to say sorry to everyone who has taken the time to write on my website. I hope the comments can be retrieved, until then please leave me some more and I promise I will respond! 🙂

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