Full steam ahead for the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships


Bain Marie Steam 2I’ve been a bit distracted of late with travels and the search for Britain’s best Porridge breakfast but my oaty focus came back this week when I received a very important e-mail…. <drum roll> announcing that I have officially been accepted as a competitor for the 2015 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championships

Then as if by magic, or at least good fortune 😀 I received a delivery of Mornflake’s new gluten free pinhead oatmeal. Since then my bain marie has been on full steam and so has my kitchen!

Bain Marie Steam 1For the Golden Spurtle I am developing two recipes; traditional oatmeal, using gluten free pinhead oatmeal, sea salt, water, and my speciality which is still top secret! 😉

I have been enjoying working with the new gluten free oatmeal, and enjoying plenty of pinhead Porridge breakfasts too. I really love the nutty-ness of the very coarse grain and have found it to be really versatile in savoury dishes, being a good replacement for rice and a nice alternative to grains like bulgar wheat and quinoa.

Bain Marie Steam 3This dinner-time savoury twist on Porridge should give you a clue about my speciality recipe! However if you want to find out what ‘free-style’ Porridge I will be making for the big day at the Golden Spurtle you will have to keep ’em peeled on my blog! 🙂

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