A summer for ice cream or weather for Porridge?


Porridge IcecreamIs it going to be a summer suitable for ice cream or perfect weather for Porridge? That’s the hot weather question of the week!

A blistering June has been quickly followed by a wet and windy July leaving us all wondering when we are going to see the sun again. However I’m not that downhearted as it’s still perfect Porridge weather 😉 This summer though you can have your Porridge and eat it, hot or cold, thanks to the Simpson Buckie ice cream company who have created their own version of ‘Ice Cream Porridge’

The Ice cream comes in three oaty flavours of; fruity Porridge & raspberry, sticky sweet Porridge & Butterscotch and of course good old plain Porridge.

Being served from tomorrow (28th of July 2015) at Scotland’s Highland Folk Museum, Newtonmore, the ice cream has been made with unpredictable summers in mind!

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