Autumn Foraged Porridge; The Recipe!


GS Foraged Porridge picWell I’m back from my Scottish travels without a winning Golden Spurtle but with a cracking autumn oatmeal recipe!

The winner of this the 2015 Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship is the very friendly, super Porridge maker Simon Rookyard. Simon impressed the judges with his traditional oatmeal, to carry away the coveted prize. Well done Simon!

Although a win wasn’t on the cards for me this year I have come away from the competition with a tried and tested oatmeal recipe that’s perfect for autumn evenings. For the speciality section of the competition I cooked up ‘Autumn Foraged Porridge’, a dinner dish using foraged mushrooms, seaweeds, stock and spices to produce a really hearty warming dish. I got great feed back on my recipe from the judging chefs and from the competition spectators, who get a change to test the Porridge’s after they have been judged.

This year I had the opportunity to use Mornflake’s new gluten free pinhead Porridge, which is a truly lovely oatmeal that cooks up into a wonderful golden colour.

Well that’s enough said, if I’ve tempted you enough to try ‘Autumn Foraged Porridge’ then you can find the full recipe below. Happy Autumn! 🙂

Foraged Porridge recipe


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