Best breakfasts in London?


Best breakfast londonEarlier this year I was travelling the length and breadth of Britain on a weekly basis. Between trains, bikes, buses, boots and business meetings I sought out the best Porridge breakfasts. I tested Porridge in hotels and B&B’s, grabbed oats in a variety of cafes but to be honest I didn’t find a breakfast worthy of blogging about.

This sorry sate of affairs led me to look for bloggers who could guide me around their home town, with top tips for Porridge eateries. This week I came across a corker of a post from About Time Magazine. With the promising title of ‘Ultimate Porridge Guide’ I greedily read through 12 reviews of London’s best Porridge breakfast offerings. From superfood focused  ’26 grains’ to gluten free ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ the review revealed a great selection of breakfast spots.

Dishoom Chai PorridgeJust as I thought the post couldn’t get any better I read about ‘Dishoom’ and their ‘Chai Porridge’. Now this in itself would be good enough but the review claims that “The porridge here is never-ending portion“. Really!? and  “if you wish for more, you need only ask“. Well Dishoom, expect a Porridge Lady to be darkening your door very soon and all I can say is I hope you’ll have a really big pan of Porridge on your stove! 😀

You can read the full fab Porridge review from ‘About Time Magazine’ here.

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