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Recipe for sustainable Porridge

One of the main topics I have been blogging on this year is breakfasting out. I have been travelling a lot for work which has meant breakfasting from Aberdeen to London. Whilst this might sound like a dream come true for a Porridge Lady it has actually been a real disappointment. Cheap oats make poor Porridge is all I have to say!

In an attempt to find Britain’s best Porridge breakfast I have been asking for your recommendations on social media. For this post I’ve rolled up my sleeves, tucked in my napkin and well tucked in! At three of London’s top recommended breakfast spots.

St John Porridge 1St John Bread and Wine, Spitalfields

Best for: Venue

It was an early weekend start when I visit St John’s and the restaurant had a lovely lazy Saturday morning feel to it, as though the city hadn’t woken up.  Famous for it’s nose to tail eating and legendary for it’s Eccles cakes, St John’s Restaurant is not best know for Porridge. However I’d received several recommendations so I was ready to give it a go.

In short there is only one Porridge option at St John’s; milky, served with prunes, demerara  sugar, and sometimes cream, and it’s good. The Porridge is well cooked, pan not microwave, and just enough. I also ordered freshly made piklets which arrived hot and with an array of restaurant made jams, and a really good pot of strong loose leaf tea.

What did I think?

  • Pro’s: Delicious Porridge
  • Con’s: Lack of toppings choice, restaurant breakfast means restaurant, rather than cafe, prices.

Le PanLe Pain Quotdien, various locations

Best for: Gluten Free Porridge

‘Daily Bread’ is the literal translation of this rapidly growing chains name. So it’s no surprise that it’s famed for it’s staple turned into toast or sandwiches rather than Porridge. However being one of the few places in the whole country that actually serves gluten free Porridge, well I was there! 

With a great selection of toppings; honey, honey & banana, omega boost, stewed fruit, Vegan option also available, there is something for everyone. However too much choice seemed to cause confusion, causing me to initially get the wrong breakfast. Once rectified I tucked to the ‘omega boost’ Porridge accompanied with Matcha tea (a big plus for me as it’s hard to come by). The Porridge was ok, ok but not great. I wonder if the confusion meant that I had ended up with a microwave zapped Porridge rather than the chef starting from scratch and cooking again.

What did I think?

  • Pro’s: Gluten Free, good topping options
  • Con’s: Not great Porridge, expensive for a chain cafe.

Claridges PorridgeClaridges, Mayfair

Best for: The glamour

If you are going to have breakfast out, have it in style. That seemed to be the mind set of the PR who took me for a business breakfast at Claridges and I wasn’t going to complain 😉 Now Let’s get one thing straight Porridge at Claridges is not, and is never going to be a budget breakfast option but then neither should it be. The glamour of an era you think has passed is alive and well at this luxury London hotel. So is the impeccable service that has disappeared from other eateries.

Breakfast at Claridges isn’t a simple affair. The menu offers up an endless selection of options from the classic ‘English’ to ‘Continental’, ‘Chinese’, ‘Japanese’ and even ‘healthy’ breakfast platters. This globe trotting menu reflects the array of breakfast diners who kept me enthralled and entertained throughout my morning in the foyer and reading room restaurant of the hotel.  Anyway to the Porridge, I opted for the ‘Quinoa & flax seed’ Porridge, just because its completely different from what I usually have. It was interesting, in a good way, and topped with delicious nuts and seeds. However my portion was far too small for my rumbling stomach, which was a disappointment. 

What did I think?

Pro’s: Ambience, service

Con’s: Small portion.

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3 Responses to Best Porridge in London? Three restaurants reviewed

  1. Jane Thompson says:

    How wonderful to have breakfast at Claridges, I think this is one to add to my ‘bucket list’ list of places to dine.

  2. Tiza says:

    What a cute bowl Claridges serve there porridge in 🙂

  3. Terry says:

    I eat at ‘le pan all the time and I think the porridge is good. Lots of options and goos service what more could you want!?

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