Persimmon Porridge, serve hot and spiced for a winters day


Persimmon 2Finally winter has arrived, or so it felt when I was wearing layers of woollens, cooking up Sunday morning’s Porridge. It’s not set to last, as these lovely crisp mornings are to be replaced by rain 🙁 but you can make the most of this first winter spell with my new recipe!

I’m making the most of my favourite fruit of the new season in this recipe for Persimmion Porridge. My passion for Persimmion’s developed during my stay in Frankfurt last winter, where the vibrant orange fruit took centre stage in every greengrocers display across the city. I loved my Frankfurt winter and I’m enjoying putting some of the cities flavour into my Porridge with my new recipe.

Frankfurt market

Nutmeg Spiced Persimmon Porridge

(made better with cream)


2 cups of coarse or pinhead oatmeal

2 cups of cold water

Pinch of sea salt

2 ripe Persimmon fruits


Double cream

Serves: Two


I like to cook coarse oatmeal in my bain marie. I soak the oatmeal overnight which both reduces the cooking time and I believe brings out the flavour of the oats.

In the morning place the bain marie over a high heat and cook for 5 minutes.

Add the sea salt to the cooking oats and stir thoroughly.

The cooking oatmeal may look a bit dry at this stage. I add less water in this recipe as Persimmon fruits are very juicy and if you’re not careful you can end up with a Persimmon Porridge soup!

Wash and peel the Persimmons. Slice one fruit to garnish the Porridge and set aside, and chop the other and add to the cooking oatmeal.

Stir the fruit in well and continue to stir the oats frequently for approx 15 mins or until the oatmeal has formed a nice thick Porridge consistency.

Spoon the Porridge into two bowls.

Garnish with the Persimmon slices.

Grate plenty of nutmeg over the bowls.

Liberally pour double cream and enjoy a hot, spiced, Persimmon Porridge on a cold winters morning.

Persimmon Porridge


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  1. kat's says:

    Ah this sounds so yummy will try this next weekend 🙂

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