Happy New… Spurtle?


Spurtle 7

I love this time of year. Whilst most people loathe January; the cold, the diets and the post-Christmas austerity, I love it! Why? Because the start of a New Year brings new people to Porridge eating.

The New Year also brings lots of Porridge questions via Twitter and over the next few weeks I will be blogging on key Porridge topics, which I hope will answer your oaty questions. So whether you’ve started eating Porridge to save money, as part of a healthy eating New Year’s resolution or because you’ve realised it’s the best breakfast 😉 welcome!

Seafoam Spurtle smlQuestion No. 1 The Spurtle

Some of the most frequently asked Porridge questions I receive on Twitter are about Spurtles. What is a Spurtle? How do you use a Spurtle and what are the benefits of using one to make Porridge? To provide a definitive answer to these questions I wrote quiet a long and I hope comprehensive post on Spurtles, which you can read here. However one question which I struggle to answer each New Year is “Where can I buy a Spurtle?”.

Over the last few years I’ve gained quiet a few Spurtles on my Scottish travels and have been given several as presents. So whilst I am a user of Spurtles I’m not the best person to tell you where they can be bought. So if you have bought a Spurtle recently please can you tell me where from. Or even better if you make Spurtles let me know and I will blog about you.

So for now please keep an eye on my blog for Spurtle updates!

Seafoam Spurtle Handle sml

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4 Responses to Happy New… Spurtle?

  1. Hello Porridge Lady.

    It certainly is a good time of year, in the northern hemisphere at least, to be thinking about porridge. I usually start the day with a bowl of porridge made from rolled oats, but today I took the time to use steel-cut oats.

    As you know I have been making handcrafted spurtles here in my workshop in Nova Scotia for twenty years. They are one of my best sellers. I have changed the design very slightly from the one you photographed so nicely for this article; it is now a little shorter at about 12 inches long to make shipping easier, and somewhat more pointy at the end to get into the corner of the pot a little better.

    As a special deal for your readers, I would like to offer them a discount voucher to use at my Etsy store. For the next twenty days they can get 20% off any order over $20 CDN. Just use the code PLADY202020 at checkout time.

    I should also point out that the Canadian dollar is very cheap right now; it’s only worth about 48p in Britain and 69c in the US. The best deal is if you buy three together and with the discount that works out to about £4 each! Shipping is quite reasonable too and each spurtle is accompanied by a leaflet about the history of the spurtle, oatmeal and other related stories. As well as being an essential tool for your kitchen, they make great gifts, so there is no harm in having a few extras on hand!

  2. TThunn says:

    Hello have you looked on etsy? Many craft people sell from the website both in the UK and across Europe.

  3. Jon Styfled says:

    Good offer.

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