‘Beremeal’ a delicious new Orkney Island oatcake


Stockans BeremealA couple of years ago I went on a wild goose chase across the Western Isles in search of an ancient grain known as ‘Beremeal’. The goose chase turned out to be a chicken chase as the mill I had been searching for had long since been taken out of production and was instead being used as a chicken shed!

Saddened I resigned Beremeal to the long list of lost UK foods. That is until last week when a photo on Twitter caught my eye. The pic was from Stockan’s Oatcakes who were publicising their new product; Beremeal Oatcakes. Now I got very excited, Stockan’s already produce my favourite oatcakes (the super thick and chunky oatcake) but were they now actually producing cakes from the long lost grain Beremeal? 

Stockans Beremeal 2It turns out that the answer is yes and after tracking down Moira Cairns, Business Development Manager from Stockan’s, Moria explained why;

  • Beremeal oatcakes offer significant nutritional benefits,
  • Including a useful range of micronutrients; vitamin B1, folate, iron, biotin, phosphorous, magnesium and iodine,
  • and a  high fibre content.

You can read more about the grain and it’s nutritional benefits here, but what are they like to eat?

Beremeal Oatcakes 1I got hold of the oatcakes in time for Burn’s Night so I served them with Scottish smoked salmon, crowdie cheese and a good hearty salad as the first course to a Burn’s Night supper. Perhaps a bit of a traditional way to try them, but a delicious way to eat them. The cakes are just thick enough to be satisfying to eat but also thin enough to grace a dinner party. 

Flavour wise I found them full flavoured, a toasted taste but with a good oat flavour too, which is my only criticism of the cakes, that they only contain a small amount of the actual Beremeal compared to the oat content. However they get a full thumbs up from me and if you want to try them a slightly different way, put a little, rich, dark chocolate spread on them, for a Beremeal take on a chocolate digestive 😀

Note: This post is not sponsored by Stockan’s Oatcakes. I did not receive payment for writing this post, instead I  had to ask them very nicely to even let me try this product!

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  2. Lukas Tenosa says:

    Can it be used with porridge

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