Marmalade is for Porridge, not just for toast!


Marmalade PanI am a a big fan of marmalade, love making it, love eating it. Each year I look forward to January when Seville oranges arrive in the country and I can get the pot out and get the marmalade simmering away. However I’d always felt a bit hard done by on marmalade eating opportunities as I’m a Porridge eater and not much of a toast eater. That is until I tried marmalade on coarse oatmeal Porridge, delicious! Since then there has been no going back and marmalade Porridge is a firm favourite for Sunday along with a good pot of hot strong tea.

Choosing marmalade for Porridge is a bit different to choosing it for toast. I feel it needs to be a bit more robust, bit more flavoursome, than a delicate marmalade you would put on lightly toasted bread. So in the quest for the perfect Porridge accompaniment I have tested and tasted marmalades from Perthshire to Piccadilly and here are my top 5 recommendations;

Marmalade RupertNumber 5 Highgrove Organic Orange Marmalade with Scotch Whisky

I’m starting with a traditional marmalade from the truly traditional home of the preserve; Fortnum and Mason. I’ve visited many shops, delis and on-line retailers in my quest for the perfect Porridge marmalade and no one comes close in the range or quality of marmalades stocked at Fortnums.

This marmalade takes no prisoners, strong bold and the shot of whisky keeps a hearty bowl of coarse oatmeal Porridge true to it’s Scottish traditional oatmeal past. 

Number 4: Galore! Foods – Blood Orange and Raspberry

Moving quickly away from convention comes ‘Galore Foods’ marmalade made with blood oranges, and as if that wasn’t unconventional enough, they’ve added raspberries for good random measure!

I bought this marmalade as a bit of a stocking filler gift for Christmas but as it turns out it was so well received it’s found it’s way to my Porridge too. Give it a go and see what you think, yes or not to fruit marmalades?

Number 3: Perthshire Preserves Sweet Orange Marmalade

Now remember what I said about Porridge needing a potent marmalade? Well this marmalade, made with regular oranges, not Seville’s, turns that on it’s head! The flavoursome preserve is light, bright and fabulous with oats. I tried it for the first time on my Perthshire travels and now I’m back I’m buying it on-line. Lovely 🙂

Marmalade Rupert DalemainNumber 2: Friends ‘First Timers’ Marmalade

Whilst my marmalade making is mediocre my friend’s has come on leaps and bounds! So much so that I encouraged him (arm twisted) into entering the Dalemain Marmalade Awards.The annual competition sees a wide variety of marmalades entered by home cooks, professional chefs and artisanal producers.

The event has top-notch marmalades from really serious competitors and people who make marmalade for a living. To limber up for such a prestigious event my friend entered the ‘First Timers‘ category and got a bronze award. He was robbed! (I am biased and I have to say that if I want my larder to be filled each year with marmalade!) he should have got gold with his deliciously dark and chunky marmalade, made with Demerara to produce a dark coloured marmalade with a real depth of flavour.

If you are a budding marmalade maker I would encourage you too, to enter. With my friends certificate he received notes on his marmalade and how it was scored, which has given him great tips for improvement. Obviously not that he needs to <cough> 😉

Drum roll please… my Number 1 marmalade for Porridge is…..

Miss Gladstone’s Seville Orange and Lemon Marmalade

Double gold winning at the 2015 Dalemain Marmalade Awards this marmalade, made with honey, is my absolute favourite. Light yet still with enough bitter marmalade taste, this preserve is perfect for Porridge.

Available from the Dalemain on-line shop and Fortnum & Mason, I cannot recommend this marmalade enough to you 🙂

Whichever jar you choose, happy marmalade Porridge eating!

Miss Gladstone Marmalade

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3 Responses to Marmalade is for Porridge, not just for toast!

  1. Zizibon says:

    crazy idea but could be good

  2. I really love what you said about wanting a marmalade that is a bit more robust, flavoursome, than a delicate marmalade you would put on lightly toasted bread. I had heard that marmalade was a really great option for bread, but was curious as to what else it was good. I’ll definitely have to find some good marmalade to try on some porridge, as that sounds very delicious.

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