Come over to the dark side of oats


Stoats Bars 3Who knew that oats had a dark side? Yes the humble oat that makes your daily healthy Porridge has a new dark side thanks to Stoats, the Scottish Porridge company.

I was very excited last week to receive the new and devilishly dark chocolate loaded Porridge Oat Bars.  I’ve been a fan of the Stoats bars since the early days of the apple & cinnamon and blueberry bars.  I’m a fan not just because they are made of high quality Scottish grown and milled oats, but because the bars are made with butter, not palm fat, which gives them a great flavour and leaves the orang-utans a forest to live in! 

Anyway these new bars are a revelation. The orange and dark chocolate is feisty and zesty and the cherry…. mmmmmm dark and delicious!

Stoats Bars 2The cherry and dark choc bars how now found there way into my bag for those longs days of travel when I need something to perk me up. They can even cheer up a train trolley cup of tea – and that’s saying something!

If you want to come over to the dark side of oats the bars are available through the Stoats on-line shop and I’ve been assured will be making thier way to supermarket shelves soon!

Note: I did not receive payment for writing this post. I just happen to be a big fan of the Stoats bars so happily reviewed them for my blog.

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