Has Porridge got too posh?


Claridges PorridgeHas Porridge got too posh? That’s the oaty question being posed by the Guardian ‘Word of Mouth’ blog.  The article discusses posh Porridge ingredients; “rosewater or sprouted oats with chia seeds”, to posh places to breakfast – including my review of London’s newest Porridge place; ‘Sky Pod Bar’ the “Porridge bar in the sky“.  

The article points a finger of blame at social media for posh-ifying Porridge. From sumptuous instagram shots to perfect pictures on Twitter are we, and I include me! Guilty of  wanting our Porridge to look perfect for the world to see?

Christmas Porridge Snip

Caviar PorridgeI’m not shy of sharing my posh Porridge pictures or reviewing some of the most luxurious places to Porridge in London such as Mayfair’s Claridges. However I’m still a fan of honest home cooked Porridge, of getting my Porridge pot out day after day to make the best breakfast with value oats and simple toppings like windfall apples.

Apple puree Porridge snipPerhaps then in this period of Lent I should be giving up posh Porridge and going back to its simple, wholesome roots. What do you think? Has Porridge got too posh for you? I’d love to know your thoughts here on the blog or via Twitter @porridgelady.

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3 Responses to Has Porridge got too posh?

  1. Thom Tandy says:

    Yes! What happened to the humble breakfast and its Scottish beginings? Its all about superfoods and celebrity chefs now.

  2. Cut it out! As long as your spurtle is stirring up wholesome goodness, you’ll have perfect porridge pleasure. Muck about all you like; porridge cares nothing for ‘super foods’ or celebrity chefs… it just breaks through and asserts itself!

  3. Does posh refer to the content or the picture? I love beautiful picture and think that some of them make “normal” food look tastier, is this bad? Now if it is about the ingredients, I like from time to time to have something that is more sophisticated. As long as it is in season, natural and good…

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